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1-Way Daitem Digital Wireless Intercom Without Digital Keypad

Daitem SC901AU 1 Way Digital Wireless Intercom Without Keypad

Videx 1 Way Intercom With Code lock Surface Mount Kit

Videx DK4K-1S 1 Way Intercom With Codelock Surface Kit

Videx 4K-1S 1 Way Intercom Surface Kit

£144.37 £120.31
The Kit Is Supplied With Call Station And A Single Handset
The 4000 Series audio door entry kits benefit from advanced features such as electronic call tone generation and lock release relay included within the door panel. This reduces the cable requirements between the handset( s ) and the door panel to only 4 ( 3+1 ) connections. For this reason larger cable distances using small cores sizes can be achieved between door panel and telephones.

4K-1S One button door entry kit comprised of:

1 Outdoor station including a one call button speaker unit Art.4836-1 and a flush mounting box with module support and hinge Art.4851.Standard finishes: mirror stainless steel for the front plate and gun metal grey for the module support.

1 Art.3011 3000 Series Smart Line wall mount telephone with door open Push Buttons and electronic call tone with 3 level adjustable volume control.

1 Art.321 Power Supply in a type A 3 module DIN box. Packing: box 30.5x29x7cm total weight 2 Kg.

4K-2 As 4K-1 but two button version with 2 intercoms and 2 call Push Buttons speaker unit Art.4836-2.

4K-1S, 4K-2S As door entry kits above but with surface mounting box Art.4881.