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Transformer 12V and 24Vac

Transformer 12V and 24Vac

Ger 24v Single Kit Including Limit Switches

Ger 24v Single Kit Including Limit Switches

Ger 24v Double Kit Including Limit Switches

£1,860.00 £1,550.00
Electromechanical residential swing gate operator for large pillars and leaf length up to 3M

This Kit Includes:
2 x Ger 230v Operators
2 x Jointed Arms
2 x Ladybird 4 channel transmitters
1 x Pair of Flips Screened photocells
1 x 230v control unit
Ideal for gates with large pillars, suitable for installations where the dimension between the gate pivot and fixing wall is less then 38cm.

Release with personalised key

Universal left / right Operator

User 2-24V DG External Control Unit

Micro-switch in opening and closing for quick punctual leaf adjustment.

Max leaf weight: 400kg
Max leaf length: 3M
Max Opening degrees: 125°
Max cycles per hour: 15
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Voltage 24v