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Single Kit Standard Speed Half Tank 270 Hydraulic

Single Kit Standard Speed Half Tank 270 Hydraulic

Single Kit Fast Speed Mini Tank 270 With Swing 2 DG Control Panel

Single Kit Fast Speed Mini Tank 270 With Swing 2 DG Control Panel

Double Kit Standard Speed Half Tank 270 Hydraulic

£2,222.44 £1,852.03
This Kit Includes:

2 x Half Tank Operator Standard Speed
1 x SEA Swing 2 DG Control Panel
2 x Lady Bird 4 Channel transmitters (433 Mhz)
1 x Pair of SEA Flip (180 degree) Photocells
The Half Tank operator is designed for heavy duty use of up to 55 cycles per hour.
Extremely quiet, safe, strong and reliable and tested in-house ensuring the highest engineering standards.
Hydraulic swing operator for industrial use, with three pump versions to alter operating speeds for larger gates. For all moving parts.
The electric motor and all operational components sit in an oil filled bath providing continuous lubrication and rapid cooling
Thermal overload built into the motor windings to provide the highest level of protection available.
The use of hydraulic systems guarantee longevity for large industrial and commercial gates.
Internal non return lock valves provide security against unauthorized access for gate leaves up to 2.2m in length.
On gate leaves longer than 2.2m additional electro-magnetic or electromechanical locks can be added; ideal for high security sites.
Brass and stainless steel internal valves and components make the Half Tank operator an extremely strong and robust unit, capable of withstanding the rigors of an industrial environment.
Reliable manual release system to provide emergency operation; high security metal release cover also available.
Front bracket ball joint to allow for flexibility and future adjustment. 20 mm diameter solid metal piston rod available in 270mm or 390mm versions.
Adjustable safety valves in both directions of travel to protect vehicles, the gate and even the automation equipment from excessive forces.
Optional internal physical stops eliminate the need for floor stops

Supply voltage: 230Vac+5% 50/60Hz
Motor Power: 220 W
Shaft Stroke: 270 mm
Shaft Speed: 1.0cm per sec
Cycles Hour: 55
Operating Temperature: -20°C + 55°C
Operator Weight: 11.4 kg
Max Leaf Length: 6m
Opening Degrees: 90° – 120°
Protection Class: IP55
Starting Capacitor: 12.5 uF
Max Pushing Force: 640 daN