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Coccinella (Ladybird) Uni

Coccinella (Ladybird) Uni

Mercury 800 FM G1 Oil Encoder 230v Kit

Mercury 800 FM G1 Oil Encoder 230v Kit

Boxer 2000 Inverter 230V Sliding Gate Kit

£2,166.53 £1,805.44
Geared motor in oil bath for sliding gates domestic or intensive use.

Included in this kit:

1 x Boxer 2000 operator.
2 x Ladybird 4 channel transmitters
1 x Pair of Flips Screened photocells
1 x 230v control unit
Powerful, reliable and excellent quality.

All Boxer motors with electric motor and gears have oil lubrication for a longer life.

High quality mechanical or inductive limit switches.

Mechanical twin-disc, clutch in oil bath.

Encoder to comply with all the rules.

Foundation plate adjustable in height up to 30mm and in lateral position up to 40mm.

Max gate weight: 2000kg

Max leaf length: 10M

Max cycles per hour: 35