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Videx GSM4K-1S 1 Way Surface Mount GSM Pro Intercom Kit With Proximity

GSM Entry Systems Operate Doors, Automatic Gates And Ideal For Remote Site Applications

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Product Description


Videx GSM Pro Intercoms utilize mobile phone technology and a proximity system to control access to your property. The visitor can press the call button outside the property to initiate the call to a designated phone which may be a land line or mobile. Once the call is answered, two way conversation is possible. The door or gates can also be opened by the called phone. The added proximity feature also allows use of a fob to swipe against the built in reader to gain access.

Up to 1000 phone numbers can be stored in a white list which allows those numbers to open the gates or door by simply calling the telephone number of the 4K intercom. If the number is not in the approved list they will not be able to access your property .This system can expand up to 50 call buttons for multiple property installations.

Call station with one button, PSU, 3 Fobs and antenna are included in the kit. A SIM card is required and not supplied. We recommend using the network that has the best network coverage for the area.


4 Divert Numbers
Dial to open facility up to 1000 Number
2 Auxiliary inputs and outputs
2 Change over relays
Programming Via SMS or USB
Input Voltage 12-24V ac/dc

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