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Trimming Knife



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Girder Level 600mm

600mm Girder Level

£7.70 +VAT



Girder Level 1000mm

1000mm Girder Level

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Stabila Box Section Level 24in/600mm

600mm Box


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Stabila Box Section Level 40in/1000mm
£17.67 +VAT
Jo Jo
25 Metre Extension Reel ( 2 sockets )

2 sockets

13 Amp

£18.25 +VAT

Testers And Meters

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Blue Force Smart Kit with straight extension.
Force Tester
Force tester for measuring the forces generated by automaic gates, doors and barriers.

This instrument provides a printed test report to prove that the measurements pass or fail and that they have been made in accordance to EN12445. This kit includes the linear extension arm so do not order the arm separately unless it is required as a spare part.

USB connection and Bluetooth for downloading test results to your desired device.
50V001B2-PL Blue Force Smart Kit with straight extension. Qty £1,798.00
50V004 Angular extension arm (spare part) Qty £210.00
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Digital Multimeter
DM 10 Electrical Multimeter
Slimline pocket test meter supplied in a protective wallet.

DC Volts 1mv to 500v.
AC Volts 1v to 500v.
DC Current 0.1mA to 200mA.
Resistance 1kz to 2000kz.
Diode Test.
Audible Continuity Test.
RAPDM10 Digital Multimeter Qty £19.95
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Digital Multimeter
Electrical Multimeter
This handy Faithfull Multi-Meter can be used for the measurement of DC / AC voltage, DC current and Resistance and for Diode and Transistor testing and Audible Continuity testing. This meter is ideal for performing many checks used in radio and electronic testing, car electrics, household appliances, portable tools and similar equipment. All test functions are easily accessible by rotating the 20-position range selector switch to the required function. The multi-meter has many features to facilitate safe use including overload protection, recessed input terminals, automatic negative polarity and over-range indication. Additional features include a rubber protective housing with integral stand for easy visibility, a large 3½ digit LCD backlit display with auto power off and low battery warning.

20-position rotary function and range selector.
Precision reading and stable performance.
Recessed input terminals for added safety.
Supplied with test leads, battery and instruction manual.
Overload protection.
Easy to read backlit display panel.
Auto power-off.
Low battery indication.
Protective rubber housing with integral stand for easy visibility.
9 Volt 6F22 Alkaline Battery included.

Display: 3½-digit LCD, Max reading 1999.
Measuring method: Dual-slope integration A/D converter.
Operating temperature: 0°C - 40°C (32°F -104°F).
Dimensions: 138 x 69 x 31mm.
Weight: approx. 170g (including battery).

FAIDETMULTI Digital Multimeter Qty £18.00
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Voltage Tester
Voltcheck 3
Can be used for checking voltages from 6-380v AC/DC.

Current ranges +-6V and +-50V are indicated by LED's and 120 to 380V glow lamp.

STI1129 Voltage Tester Qty £10.25
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Mastercheck 3.2
Voltage tester with LED scale for indicating all voltages in the domestic environment.
Voltages of 50volt AC or 120volt DC and over can be tested without a battery. The Mastercheck 3.2 is also capable of indicating polarity and continuity. Other features include one-handed operation and battery monitoring.

Nominal voltage range: 6-400volt AC/DC.
Display: LED.

STI1145 Tester Qty £35.00
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Voltage Tester
1150 Combicheck 1.3
Weidmuller 1145 Combicheck is a Step-type voltage tester for indicating AC and DC voltages from 6 - 690volts. Line resistance < 500KOhm in continuity tests are also accompanied by an audible signal.

The main function of the voltage tester is to establish if voltage is present. A 2-pole voltage tester is the only approved testing instrument that fulfils the requirements of work protection regulations.

The Combicheck 1.3 permits phase testing and has the additional feature of an integral torch function.

Nominal voltage range: 6 - 690 volt AC/DC.
AC/DC voltage display: 6,12, 24, 50, 120, 230, 400, 690 Volt.

Peak voltage resistance: 6kV.
Protection degree: IP 65.
Frequency range: 0 - 100Hz.
Display: LED and audible signal.
Weight: 135g.
WEI1150 Voltage Tester Qty £42.00
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Voltage Tester
Voltage Detector
Senses mains electricity without direct contact for complete safety. Finds breaks in circuits and cables.

WST166 Voltage Tester Qty £7.20
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